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Sword Restoration Services

Here at Sword Restoration Services we have been collecting swords for 20 years. In building the collection we came across many swords badly in need of repair. Searching high and low, we found very few people who even claimed they could repair our swords, let alone do it satisfactorily. Thus, out of necessity SRS was created in the year 1999. The WEB site was established in 2002.

In the last five years we have perfected most aspects of repairing swords, so please give us a try. We have done hundreds over this time, and are eager to do yours. We specialize in authentic repairs using original period materials and parts, or new replacement stock, which we have found in a worldwide search. In most cases, rewraps are done without dismantling the sword and your finished grip will have NO visible seam, just as original. The finished product will look and feel absolutely authentic, and that guarantee extends to all our work. Please e-mail or call to discuss what we can do for your sword. It is not uncommon to double or even triple the value of your sword, with a small investment.

The staff at SRS.