Uncle Ed’s Outfitters

Attention: Uncle Ed’s Will Be Closed Wednesday April 24th, Thursday April 25th and Friday April 26th for inventory and self audit.

Our normal hours are 10am to 6pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

8681 & 8685 El Camino Real. Atascadero.
In the Oaks Shopping Center next to Valley Fitness

Our focus at Uncle Ed’s Outfitters in Atascadero is to provide you a fantastic purchasing experience.

We are gun dealers located in the city of Atascadero where we operate gun shops in various types of firearms. We deal in handguns whereby we have a wide array of firearms on offer for our customers. We are a known Gun Shop, and our handguns undergo many rigorous tests to ensure they meet safety and performance standards. We offer quality products, with very good prices and also any issues, with it, we can take care of that. We give you quality service at an excellent price.

Our Gun Shop also deals in rifles of all types be the new models or classics. If one like the feel of a beautifully crafted rifle on hunting weekends, then they should pay us a visit as we have an extensive list of rifles on offer for our customers. We are gun dealers with many shotguns in our gun shops. Our focus on shotguns goes beyond simply having large guns that can let go of lethal volleys to include some of the best-designed shotguns. Given the nature of shotguns, we ensure they have undergone the needed tests to ensure their safety and performance levels are at par with the requirements of the law. We work hard on satisfying the customers. We offer a huge variety of products, and you can find all our details on the website. Also, all our products are good brands and genuine, and we take pride in serving the clients in the best possible way.

We are also skilled and experienced Gun Dealers with many types of guns having gone through our hands. We take care of all variants of guns having learned the art from the legends of the industry. We repair and replace the damaged parts of guns to breathe into them a new life of great moments hunting or being displayed. It takes very particular hands to be able to fix a gun given that any little mistake could be a disaster. We have perched the art of repairing guns no matter what make they are. As long as they are broken, we fix them at our Gun Shop. We also have many gun accessories and apparel to make your experience with the guns wholesome. With us, you get accessories for any gun be it a little handgun or a large rifle you use for hunting.
So what are you waiting for just contact us, and we will get you the best product at the best price!