About Us

Located at 8681/8685 El Camino Real in Atascadero. We’re on the right side of Valley Fitness in the shopping center with Golden1 CU, Guest House Grill and Subway Sandwiches. Check out the footer below for a Google map.

We are dealers in guns also providing after sales services on the guns. We have a wide array of guns and related services such as repairs, accessories, and apparel. We operate in the city of Atascadero where run many regular shops while providing excellent products and essential. First, we deal in handguns which are small firearms that can be carried out with ease. Most people go for these mainly to protect themselves. We are one of the most well-known gun dealers in this business from a very long time. We have a big base of customers who have been doing business with us for a very long time. We thrive on quality customer support. We always try to make the customers happy, and that is our main aim all the time.

We have a wide range of handguns for any use the user will need them for. In our portfolio, we also have rifles of all types. One can choose from sniper rifles to assault rifles and many other types as per their needs. We teach our customers which rifles are best suited to their needs be they hunting or range shooting. Shotguns are also in our portfolio. We sell all types of shotguns from automatic ones to single shot shotguns as our customers need them. We are also skilled gunsmiths with skills in various aspects of guns including creating customized guns, building guns, carrying out repairs on them and making them safe and performance-focused. The prices which we offer are better than the most, and everything is real and of genuine quality. We always work on customer queries no matter how big or small it is.

We also make it easy for our customers to replace the damaged parts of the guns with our repair and parts program. Give not what we have in stock, we fix any gun. Our Accessories and Apparel section has my items people would want to choose from. We have customized parts for guns including the buttstock and barrels. There is even equipment for those in shooting sniper rifles such as targets and scopes. You can also get t-shirts customized for you. Our customers believe in our ability to deliver quality services at reasonable prices that they agree cannot be found at any other gunship. Just visit us, and you will find the quality of our products and service.