Ammo Purchase Requirements

As of July 1, 2019, California has implemented a background check system for purchasing ammunition. You have the opportunity to add ammo to a firearm background while the gun is being delivered to you.

Documents required:

  • Valid California ID or Driver License ( If the ID/DL says “FEDERAL LIMITS APPLY” *, you must bring in your US Birth Certificate or Passport proving that you are a United States citizen, or other legal documents proving that you are a non-citizen legally present in the US0

For the purchase of ammo, separate from a firearm, you can submit an instant background check for $1.00. This can only be done if you have already purchased a firearm in Californiaafter  Jan.1’st 2014, with your current address and legal spelling of your name. 

The alternative is the $19.00 “Basic” background, which may take minutes or days for the CA DOJ to complete. This is a one-use background and will need to be done EVERY TIME YOU WISH TO PURCHASE AMMO. The $19 background does NOT update your info within the CADOJ/CFARS/DROS systems.

If you have moved, or changed your personal information since your last firearm acquisition(Example: Name change due to marriage or divorce, or updated REAL ID), you must update the CA DOJ with the corrected info before you can successfully run an instant background check.

You can do so by purchasing a new firearm, or by visiting the California Firearms Application Reporting System (CFARS link below). Create a login and sign in. Locate the “Automated Firearms System (AFS) Personal Information Update“. Click on that link and follow the prompts until finished. Make sure to “push” or process the cart located on the right side of the screen to submit the new info. 

*This may take a number of days or even weeks for the CADOJ to update, so you will need to log in periodically for confirmation.