What kinds of repairs do gunsmiths offer?

December 7, 2016

Gunsmiths repair or modify any gun. Repairs can include removing corrosion, adding after-market customization, refinishing wooden stock parts, checking for bore erosion and replacing worn barrels.

Gunsmiths repair rifles, shotguns, and handguns, and some custom firearms. They perform simple tasks such as making sure the gun is safe to use, cleaning, disassembling, inspecting and reassembling a gun and even refinishing the metal.

A trained gunsmith will also check for missing parts and replace them, he/she also checks for cracks in the chamber or buttstock of the firearm, checking the timing of revolvers and automatic firearms. Furthermore, repairing a dented shotgun barrel. Gunsmiths take care of safety mechanism malfunctions that can discharge unexpectedly.

Gunsmiths can add customized after-market parts to a gun, which may include grip caps, scopes, recoil pads and sling swivels. Gunsmiths can fabricate wooden stocks to suit specific dimensions and change the caliber of an existing barrel. Not all gunsmiths offer all repairs, we specializing in custom builds, and designs, whereas others offer exclusively cleaning and small repair services.