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Gunsmithing Price List

Allow 4-6 weeks for completion of jobs. It will usually take us less than that, however, some tasks may be grouped together and completed simultaneously (I.E. Re-finishing work, ordering specific parts for custom builds)


 Sometimes the shop will pre-build and/or pre-gunsmithed guns and parts for sale. Availability and prices will vary.

  • Cerakote (Any Color)
    • Pistol                            $175
    • Long Gun                      $250
    • Components                 $75 (each)
    • Additional color(s)      $50 (each)
  • Jewelling
    • Bolt                                    $75
    • Other parts                     Price varies depending on size


General Gunsmithing

  • Ring Tapping                               $35
  • Scope Mounting                          $25
  • Recoil Pad Fitting                       $60 (Plus Pads)
  • Length of Pull Adjustment       $80 – $200
  • Detailed Cleaning and Lubrication
    • Pistol                                   $80
    • Long Gun                           $80
  • Drill + Tap for Scope Mount
    • Per Hole                               $30
  • Barrel porting                                $10 (per hole)
  • Dovetail cutting                            $60 (per cut)
  • Firing Pin Correction + Fitting $175
  • Bolt Handle
    • Forge/Bend                       $80
    • Weld-on $140 (Includes fit + drill + tap for bolt knob 5/16 x 24 threads)
  • Custom bolt knob $40 – $80 (each, depending on design complexity)
  • Re-barrel (includes choice of contour, threading, breeching, chambering, and crowning)                                    Price of barrel + $350
  • Barrel Setback (Headspace Correction) $250
  • Barrel Liner install                   $250 + Price of liner
    • RimFire                            $75 (only)
  • Blueprinting
    • Bolt action rifle (trueing the surfaces of the bolt face, locking lugs and receiver threads, face, and locking lugs) $350
    • AR-15 (trueing the face of the upper receiver and the barrel extension and matching bolt to chamber) $250
    • Revolver (trueing the cylinder and correcting headspace, reducing end shake, ensuring proper timing of the cylinder stop and cylinder)                  $300
    • Semiautomatic pistols (remove loose breech. Improves accuracy and longevity of the gun)      $175
    • Shotgun fitting and timing (ensuring proper fit and timing of shell latches, ejector timing, action bar lock)   $100
    • Lever action carrier timing and fitting (Winchester 94), increases lockup of lever and locking block, prevent Marlin Jam. $180
    • Ruger 10/22 trigger job, over travel stop, auto bolt release. $150
    • Break action shotgun ejector timing $100
    • Break action shotgun headspace correction by fabricating and installing a larger hinge pin. $600
    • Extractor fit (to create the most reliable extractor by implementing the 8 characteristics of the ideal extractor. Helps prevent or repair gun from failures to extract and eject) $40
  • Parts fitting       $50 (per part)
  • Parts fabrication and fitting
    • Price varies on complexity of part $75 (Minimum)
  • Cut Barrel to Shorter Length and Crown
    • $130 + choice of crown style (flat/11 degree/recessed target)
  • Trigger job (includes ensuring all safeties properly function, positive sear engagement for a safe and reliable function of the trigger mechanism, adjustments for crisp trigger pull and lighter weight of pull while staying within the manufacturer’s specifications for a minimum trigger pull) Please call for inquiries and pricing. Some triggers can only be modified in certain aspects. General pricing ranges $100 – $350


  • Bag-O-Gun – Reassembly of disassembled gun ($60 per hour/assembly depends on complexity of gun)
  • Diagnosis of Issue   Free up to $50
  • Clear the barrel (of squib load) $120
  • Make and fit a spring $150

Custom Work


If a customer wants a custom built rifle, shotgun, or pistol that includes multiple services such as blueprinting (trueing), barreling, and finishing then a package deal can be negotiated to give the customer a significantly discounted price rate.


If a customer is interested in machining/welding work that isn’t related to firearms (parts, art, repair, etc.) Please call to inquire about the project. Generally, machine shop time is $55/hr. But (Depending on the job) may be slightly more or less.

*We do not offer CNC machining.

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